Ulysses is of Latin origin, a variant of the Greek name “Odysseus,” meaning “wrathful”

Birthday: April 27, 1822
Birth Name: Hiram Ulysses Grant,
sometimes given as Ulysses
Simpson Grant (see resources)
Birthplace: Point Pleasant, OH
Date of Death: July 23, 1885
Cause: throat cancer
Place of Death: Mt. McGregor, NY
Height: 5′ 7″
Ancestry: English descent
Nationality: American
Occupation before Civil War: soldier,
farmer, businessman
Occupation during Civil War: Union
Army General; appointed Commanding
General of the Union Army in 1864.
Occupation after the Civil War:
18th U.S. President (1869-77)

Major Battles

Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Chattanooga,
Wilderness, Spottslvania Court House, Cold Harbor,
Siege of Petersburg, Appomatox Court House

Visit the Ulysses S. Grant Home Page at


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