the hum of the machina

I seldom find myself able to recall my dreams. I have heard that in order to properly recall a dream, one must keep a notebook close to the bed and write down the dream upon waking. This has proved ineffective, because I seldom awake thinking about dreams. When I wake, I almost always think “I wish I could go back to sleep.”
This is a stupid fucking wish because the answer is always no; I already set the alarm to give myself the maximum amount of sleep possible. I have heard that in order to get a proper nights sleep one must have a quiet space free from the hum of the machina. One must not use the machina for approximately twenty minutes prior to restful sleep. One is advised to drink milk or eat almonds (but not too many) prior to restful sleep.

I seldom make such arrangements before bed. Usually the order of the night is to mindlessly browse the internet for hours until i realize that its been a few minutes since my last blink, and as a result my eyeballs are on fire. I don’t know why I pull this shit. Perhaps it’s because betraying logic is exciting; A refreshing sensation, highly pleasurable, one that sweeps from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and into your occipital bun, where it rests.

here are some recent photos






IMG_7831his is


2 thoughts on “the hum of the machina

  1. I’m with you on the eye-burning self-inflicted sleep deprivation, but I tend to remember my nightmares (hardly have anything else) in detail. Writing them down only serves to provide evidence for my eventual commitment in the asylum!

    However, my solution to the ‘staying up too late’ syndrome has been hard physical labor. I find if I stick to my program, come night time I can’t stay conscious long enough to trawl the ‘net till my eyes bleed.

    Like right now, it’s only 8:10 and already I can hardly

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