is this the funniest man on youtube?


john slater posted about this man under the heading “my hero.” I dont know if this man is my hero, but I didn’t expect to make it more than 15 seconds through this video. i seriously cracked up for the entire three minutes. i don’t know why it’s so funny, but it just is.

However, the story doesn’t end there. The thing about this man is that he films a lot of stuff. It’s like panning for gold during the goldrush. Just watching this man make dinner is for some reason hilarious. I think though that the cycle will be something like this: funny, funny, less funny, not funny, fucking hilarious, hilarious, less funny, creepy, creepy, disgusting. and then it will either be hilarious forever, or i will forget about this man, because he is fucking insane.


One thought on “is this the funniest man on youtube?

  1. dude heres the thing, the cycle is this: funny, funny, heartwarming, chill, chill as fuck, hella funny, down to fuckin chill, hard as nails, most chill dude ever, funny, pretty funny, genius, weird yet chill, chilly mon, lets get it started in here, inspiring, hopeful, and heartwarming allover again

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