just wanted to point out

that one of my favorite artists has been regularly posting updates at her website, totally pamm.


emilee serafine is one of the most gifted and reclusive artists i know. something about her lines communicate a feeling, an energy that i have trouble explaining in words. what i think is expressed is a deep respect and appreciation for the work. i’m not sure, but something about this woman’s art just does it for me.

check out some of this stuff!

billthebutcherdwightdocother random facts include: she can write backward just as well as forward, she has a high level of empathy, a healthy love of the absurd, and she enjoys being fanned with money at baller clubs in san francisco. she is also pretty hilarious, consider this excerpt from her blog:

Monday, April 14, 2008

Midnight Love Potion

I plugged in my ipod today and looked at my play counts for the first time. I was really disturbed to see that Bob James’ “Theme from Taxi” came in at number one. At an appalling 193 plays, I’m still trying to understand how I could have listened to the Taxi theme that many fucking times. Coming in at number two is a much more appropriate “Sexual Healing”. This song, with the exception of “Lets Get it On,” is probably the sexiest song ever and is easily in my top 10 favorite songs of all time list. It wasn’t until recently that I watched the actual music video on youtube, and even though I’m pretty sure one of his backup singers is a tranny, Marvin Gaye remains the shit!

check out her website today!


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