creative in sight




in an effort to keep myself posting, i decided to share a work in progress, or probably a work never to progress. This particular piece came to me initially in the form of a monologue improvised while i was in the shower. after the shower i wrote down about 2% of the things that i was shouting aloud to myself as i massaged the shampoo/conditioner into my scalp and rinsed and repeated.

The most intelligent uneducated civil war veteran is remembering the first time he saw jesus.

Shit I remember the first time I saw jesus.

Couldn’ta been older than three years old.

Sittin in my sandbox in the backyard of my grandaddys house
…It seems so big to my little eyes

Shiny golden sand as far as I can see and The sun is warm on my skin

And im sittin there smack dab in the middle of that sandbox like a goddamn king on his throne, and the golden sand falls from my fingertips as I survey the backyard empire of my grandaddys house.

And im sittin there in my backyard throne and I remember thinking tomyself

“Who in the hell is this jesus guy ive been hearin so much about.”

Everyone keeps talkin’ after em sayin ‘bout “he touched their lives” and all this business and sure I seen him in pitchers but I aint never seen him with my own two eyes.

I aint never felt those footsteps walkin next to me. Shit I aint never been carried by jesus through no dark times.

And sure enough no sooner than could those blasphemous words escape my lips did something strange begin to happen
As the sand from my fingertips fell to the earth it began to form a shape like sand confined to an hourglass. Though there was no hourglass to confine this particular collection of sand particles. And as the sand fell the shape it was forming became more defined, until I could finally see something.

A tiny three inch jesus made of sand.


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