crazy for feeling


story goes: way back in nineteen and sixty, a kid named willie nelson was try’na to make a name for himself ’round nashville. wanted to be a country singer, but the labels told him he just didn’t have the sound. a few years of playing music and writing songs, young willie found himself playin’ bass on the touring band for ray price and the cherokee cowboys. willie kept writing the whole time, and soon enough his songs were covered by some of the great artists of the day, including roy orbison. after that, willie didn’t have much of a problem gettin’ himself recorded, and by nineteen and sixty five he was signed to RCA, and appearing regularly on the grand ol’ opry. here’s a song willie originally wrote another musician, who didn’t want it. as it turns out, the composition went on to become a big hit for an already established superstar of the time: mrs. patsy cline.


top photo: robbie reaves. Bottom photo :unknown (maniuplated by robbie reaves) original photograph of willie HERE

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