one shall pass

so i left vietnam at about 11:30 AM vietnam time, dont know what that is for westcoasters. but it was quite an exit. after having only slept for 2 hours, i had to run to a minibus in a full on suit, while sweating bullets because my bags are fucking heavy with treasure, and its fucking hot as fuck. to add to this genius, i ran out of deodorant 2 days ago, so by the time i got into the plane, and smelled myself, it wasnt good. not good at all. inflight meal, was above average however. and according to the inflight magazine, i get to watch “never back down” on my next flight.

this is a taiwan

that flight wont leave for another 7 hours. which leaves me stranded in the taiwan airport with not much to do. i dont understand the money, and cant find any atm’s. i dont think they exist here, pure barter system perhaps. i hope to talk more about my vietnam journey once i get back to the land of seinfeld references and 6 dollar burgers. (i cant fucking wait) i loved vietnam, but if i never ever smell another toasted squid in my life, it will be too soon.

so right now i smell like shit and im going to try to use the sampler deodorant from the upscale cosmetics store. it says tester, so that means i can put it to the test, right? that just seems like a creepy old man thing to me.

is batman out? whats going on i feel an onset of reverse culture shock coming on. someone get me a burgerking tacobell pizzahut bucket right now. with a side of jack in the box, extra box.


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