holiday in cambodia

cambodia is fucking nuts. if you dont know anything about it, do yourself a favor and search on wikipedia for a history of the country, or just the “year zero project” im sure youve all heard the name Pol Pot. and some of you may know of his actions in the 70s. but this shit is fucking INSANE. maybe even more insane than hitlers plan. but both along the same lines. and this was going on up until 79. the country is still raw as fuck, and most people walking the streets have stories you or i could never fathom. that being said, bad things still are going down as we speak. genocide and child slavery. but after visiting the “killing fields” where the mass graves from the year zero project were uncovered, as well as a tower of over 800 skulls recovered from one of the pits. and the clothes the victims wore piled under the skulls, and after visiting the land mine museum, and reading and hearing the stories of the children who are currently growning up, dealing with the aftermath. i will never be the same. i encourage everyone to step out of the box that is america right now. do it quick because like i said, they global corporations are coming and they wont stop till we are all the same. end soapbox, begin pictures. i have a fuckload of pics, but the connections here are so slow, so i will only tease and post a few. ive got a 48 hour bus trip coming tomorrow, and should have some free time to post more this week. these pictures are from the famed 8th wonder of the world, angkor wat, located in the heart of beautiful and fucked up cambodia. love love. robear


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