Hanoi: Day one

Survived the flight. It really wasnt so bad, because i ate a bunch of linas pot muffins yesterday. Because of this i was ready to pass the fuck out before setting foot on the plane. Scored a window seat, was set to pass out when a dinner cart started coming around at like 2:00 AM. I have vague memorys of eating some kind of pasta dish while occasionally glancing at this human being of a troll doll sitting next to me. She wasn’t really a troll, but she was so awkward that she made me totally uncomfortable. Glasses and this dumb little fishnet hat on her head that some terrible aunt would slap on you. I feel bad for talking shit, but she was just shifting around and sending me awkward waves. Anyways i spent most of the night alseep, occasionally waking to glimpses of 27 dresses and some kind of bill gates documentary.


Woke up about 1:30 PM PST somewhere over japan. The stewardesses fed me another terrible meal. Later a cart full of cartons of cigarettes came around. At this point i have been holding in a lot of farts from the meals and they keep coming and i cant bear to let them out. I dont know why. I just cant do it. Im at this point getting a headache from not being able unleash all these farts on the trollie, and i want to so bad.

Where kings smoke

About 4:15 PST i arrive in Taipei, which is in taiwan i think. I dont really know i was just in the airport. I wandered around and discovered a futuristic invention called a smoking lounge. It seems to have come straight from outerspace/ da club, and exists to allow people to smoke in a helllllaa chill setting. I met a nigerian man named Moka, who is working as a chemist in Chicago, and travelling to the phillipines. Oh the connections you make through smoking. We talked about dunhills and travelling for a while and then i hit the dusty trail.

I arrived in Hanoi a few hours ago. The first thing that hit me was the heat. Like sepping into a room that someone just showered into. Zero other westerners around. Dust is convering everything, this literally is the dusty trail. I thought this was supposed to be one of the bigger citys? Whatever.

Some Australians were supposed to pick me up and take me to the hostle. But i couldnt find them among the mass of signs and people waiving things at me. Took some random cab and had the guy drop me off in the center of the city, because i am a fucking idiot and didnt write down the address of the place im staying. So ive been wandering around for a few hours, smoking Dunhills, i thought i might try my hand at the smoke free life, but seeing as how fucking insane this place is, and cigarettes only cost about $14 a carton, i dont see any end in sight for my nicotine haze. Oh also i knew there were a lot of scooters around this place. but what the fuck. i was not prepped for what ive been witnessing. This is scooter city and im about to hop aboard.

-Robbie out.

PS. Here is a guy in the internet cafe with me probably kicking grant and johns ass at world of warcraft. Sorry, just business dogs.

business dog busses are big business in vietnam.


3 thoughts on “Hanoi: Day one

  1. I am so jealous dude! You have inspired my next trip though, for sure. Me and Jen are going to Thailand next year, now we want to extend that trip into Vietnam.
    Enjoy and stay safe! 🙂

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